Oase ClearTronic UV

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Oase ClearTronic UV

CleaTtronic UV are a brillant way to keep contol of paracites and algae ishues in the home aquarium.

Oase is one of the biggest pioneers in the aquatic industry with their reliable products and build quality.

  • Highly effective: Combats harmful floating bacteria and germs without affecting bound, useful purification bacteria
  • Clear water: Removes turbidity caused by algae and bacteria
  • Safe: 100% VDE-certified safe from eye damage
  • High-quality: Top workmanship with impact-resistant plastic housing
  • Included: High-quality UVC bulb and vast range of connection accessories
  • Straightforward: Quick release for easy bulb changes and for cleaning the quartz glass.

7w= up to 250l

9w= up to 400l

11w= up to 600l

All units are the same size 330 x 120 x 100mm


UV bulbs can last over 1 year but for the best results for uv sterilisationis is to replace every 6 month as gasses inside the bulb burn out in after 6 months.